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12 months advertising in The Cottage Guide

At the present time we are not adding any further properties to the Cottage Guide website, but if you are interested in advertising with us and would like to email to us a note of your interest - then we can contact you to let you know when our new page service has resumed.

Please feel free to email us at:

When our New Page Service has resumed:
Please print this form on your printer, and post to:

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1. Your name and address for correspondence:
(this is where we will send your receipt etc)

2. a) Your telephone:

2. b) and fax:

2. c) E-mail address:

NB. We do not recommend any email ending in,,,, or as these Microsoft owned emails use a very punitive filtering system which can cause you to miss genuine business emails.

2. d) Your website (IF applicable):

2. d) Your Facebook address (IF applicable):

3. The name of your self-catering property:
(or name the group of properties if you are advertising more than one property on your page)

4. The address of your self catering property:

5. Name of person handling bookings and enquiries:

6. Contact phone and mobile numbers for bookings and enquiries:

7. How many people does your property sleep?
(If this includes sofabeds or folding beds, please explain this, for example: "Sleeps 4 +2 on sofabed".)

8. Is a cot available?

9. Pets: Please state your policy about pets 
(eg. "Pets welcome", or "Sorry no pets".)

10. Tourist Board Grading (if you have been graded)
(write N/A if you are not Tourist Board inspected)

11. Prices per week: Price range including VAT where applicable:
(For example:  Low season £200-£300, High season £300-£600)
(or more simply:  Price range: £200 - £600)

Features and Facilities applying to your property:

(Please tick those which apply):

____Washing machine
____Tumble dryer
____Open fire
____Enclosed garden
____Tennis court on premises
____Swimming pool on premises
____Fishing available on premises
____Village or countryside location
____Town or City location
____On the seafront
____Beaches nearby
____Golf nearby
____Pub nearby
____Sleeps 16 or more in the one property
____Sleeps 16 or more in group of properties together
____Children welcome
____Disabled persons facilities
____Ground floor bedroom and bathroom
____Strictly Non Smoking inside the property
____Smoking permitted inside the property
____Credit cards accepted
____Euros accepted
____WiFi  / Internet connection

About 300 words is a recommended length that people can read easily, but 500 or 600 words is perfectly acceptable if you need this. The description text can be provided to us on a disk/CD, or sent by email to:

Please email your text to us (or send it on disk or CD). You can simply copy and paste the text into a regular email. Text descriptions which are simply sent to us as a printed or handwritten sheet will require that one of our staff re-type it all for you and in this instance please do not send more than 100 words. Please do send your text in electronic form if possible. Thank you. NB: We do not copy text from your own website or any other website. However, you are free to copy it yourself and send it to us in an email.

If the photos already exist in electronic form on your computer then they are far better transmitted to us in electronic form. You can email them to us as jpeg attachments, or send them on a floppy disk or CD (this may be preferable as you may find it takes a long time to email them). Please do not send photos embedded in Word documents, thank you. NB: We do not copy photos from your own website or any other website. However, you are free to copy them yourself and send to us as email attachments (jpg format).
Please email them to:

14. "I confirm that to my knowledge the information I have supplied is accurate as of today's date, and I will inform you if anything needs changing (so that the page can be updated to keep it accurate)".


Please print name:


New Page Price
£150 UK Sterling (includes 6 photos) + £10 for each additional photo (if more than 6 photos are required).

15. I enclose my cheque for £...........................

Please send this form as soon as possible to:
Ash Mackenzie Publishing,
The Loaning, Reston, Eyemouth, Scottish Borders, TD14 5LD

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