sept 15th 2017     Please note; my Dad is  very poorly at the moment and I am spending alot of time in Northumberland and unfortunately dont have access to my web sites,, if you would like to get in touch about booking Kelpie, please email me just the same but if you don't get a reply in 2 days please telephone my Parents home on 01670774884, and I will speak to you there, sorry for the inconvenience, and many thanks for your co-corporation, Linda, I am taking booking now for 2018

                                                          LATE VACANCIES; November 4th onwards
Sept 2nd, An amazing summer, the best Ive seen in the 30 years I have lived on Skye, following the  best winter too.I have all my lambs sold now, I do miss them but it won't be long before they are lambing again. the gardens are still in flower but hopefully the grass will stop growing soon, ha ha.been a very hectic season but met some wonderful people again both through kelpie cottage and Kelpie crafts.Don't forget if you fancy a winters break I am open all year round. Winter is amazing for the light if you are keen on photography and painting, the colours are fantastic and the roads nice and quiet.More chances of seeing the Northern Lights and the stary skies.We get very little snow so the roads aren't usually a problem and kelpie is a very cosy cottage. Give me a ring on 01470511384.

July 2017
 My garden is in full flower now and even if I say it myself it looks fantastic.i have huge gardens here so if you are into gardening then you will enjoy Kelpie cottage. I brought my peats home on friday night so thats a good job done, next big job is to shear my 52 sheep, I'll be starting them very soon.Once that is done I'll start washing and dyeing the fleeces, ready to make into needle felted pictures to sell in my shop.The weather has been mixed this last week but all told we are having a very dry year. June 24th 2017 

 I woke up this morning to 5 red deer stags in the gardens, they have been coming in for the last few weeks during the night but this morning there they were in all their glory, I couldn't chase them for watching them and taking photos from Kelpie's door. What an amazing sight to see. Feb. 22nd 2017

                                             Happy New year everyone, Kelpie is booking up very quickly now so please don't leave your booking too late to save disappointment, thankyou Linda

 Oct.19th 2016, I am off to see my parents for 2 weeks, will be back online after 1 st nov, meantime if you would like to book Kelpie cottage please tel me at my Mums on 01670774884, and ask for Linda many thanks Linda      

 What amazing  weather, weve had over 2 weeks of sunshine now and its to continue at least another 8 days, its just beautiful, had a walk to Lowergill on sunday for drift wood and it was an amazing walk, been a while since it was this hot on Skye. The eagles are a bit scarce so they must be nesting , the gardens are in full flower and are a sight for sore eyes as you drive into Waterstein,can't believe we are half way through the year already, had a very good lambing and the lambs are growing well, cleaned the lambing shed out last week, big job done, going over to continue cutting peats later today, great weather for that,and nearly ready to start shearing the hoggs. there are a few ready but another week will be better, the milk ewes will get sheared later this month its still a cool wind so plenty of time although i did have one on its back on monday.fortunately the birds left her alone.Have both houses painted so everywhere looking good,too windy to paint the house roof yet, but another job that needs doing before the winter sets in. always plenty to do, my cottage coule are spending the week fishing and what perfect weather they have, the mackeral are just beginning to arrive and the blue mink whales are here, just waiting for the basking sharks.           Plenty of vacancies for october and still a week in sept, 3rd to the 10th so if you fancy an autumn holiday give me a ring, the scenery is always beutiful when the autumn colours are out.                                                                                                                       summer is here at last, the gardens are beginning to come into flower and the scenery is awesome , The eagles are still flying but will be getting ready to nest soon, lots of migrating birds coming, red wings, wagtails, stonechats, herrons are after the frog spawn, hoping to see wax wings this year, they are so beautiful, My lambing has gone well, 51 lambs all colours, black, brown, fawn,  and the mixtures, weather is beautiful and so tempted to put them out into the fields but artic air and snow forecasted for the weekend so they can stay in the shed till that passes through. Kelpie is booked up apart from a week end of august, now taking oct bookings, thats a lovely time of year too, northern lights and amazing skies again. nice and quiet and no midgies. Don't forget if you are interested in crafts I will teach you any of my crafts that I sell in the shop and thats over 30 different kinds now, you only pay for materials that you use and the going rate for Kelpie, these kind of holidays are usually very expensive,  I just like the company, so grab a cheap crafting week.Must get out into the sunshine now, will post again soon,                                                                              ........................

  Autumn 2015, and what a beautiful autumn it is, the colours of the golden bracken  and heather are amazing, a photo around every corner.last night I was fortunate to see the barn owl sitting on a post not 3 metres from my car, what a beautiful bird. Another painting in the making.!
   The northern lights have been fantastic,  the skies are so clear at the moment that even if the northern lights are not showing the milky way and millions of other stars are. You can see the creators on the moon through the telescope provided in Kelpie.
If you are thinking of taking a winters break then visit this beautiful island,

July 2015, What a beautiful time of year, lambs are doing well and the cottage gardens are in full flower,
 The seals have their pups and can be seen from the rocks, so beautiful, the blue mink whales and dolphins are in, but no sign of the basking sharks yet.The red throated divers  are on their nest nest and the swallows are onto their second brood, its been a very good year for the birds, most of them onto their second and even third brood in the shed.there is a fine mist over the loch this morning fab for photographers,jsut waiting for the eagle chick to start and fly then the fun will start,

 EAGLES GALORE' If you like to watch the eagles don't leave your holiday too late, this is the best time of the year to see them, Ive lived here for 25 years now and febuary  and March are the best 2 months to see them flying in close to the houses, I believe its because the island is alot quieter at this time of the year plus there are no chicks for them to worry about, Usually end of may they are nesting and they just don't seem to fly so much.I watched the resident golden eagles yesterday morning, flying over the top of kelpie cottage. amazing to see when they are that close you see the size that these magnificent birds are ; I was lucky enough to go out my neighbours fishing boat last year and took some brilliant photos or the resident  great scewres , they were actually flying with the boat to be fed by hand, alot bigger than I thought they were. Bird watchers paradise.      

  My dates in which my 50 ewes will be lambing starts from march 16th 2014, anyone looking for a holiday with a difference , then this could be for you, hands on with new born lambs, all inside a big agricultural shed, 24/7, Which means you have all the time you need to explore this beautiful island but when you feel like seeing whats happening in the lambing shed you can just pop in, see lambs being born, bonding with their mums and when they have had a day or two to get their legs going the right way watch the fun as they play, YOU PAY THE SAME PRICE FOR KELPIE but you get to see farming first hand for free. tHE LAMBING WILL RUN FOR APPROX 4 WEEKS FROM THE 16TH MARCH. Book any of those 4 weeks and you will never want to leave. Interested give me a call and have a chat or visit my home page.
CRAFTING HOLIDAYS; I still have a few weeks left if you or your partner are interested in crafting, I have over 30 different crafts to learn, You just book in for your holiday at Kelpie and we will discuss what you would like to have a go at, how much time you would like to use etc, and we will fit it in with your holiday. Its a lovely time of year to see wildlife and of course the golden and sea eagles, I watched a golden eagle yesterday flying very low very the loch, in front of Kelpie, just wonderful. They are mating and getting ready to nest so are on the wing far more during Jan Feb and March than any other time of the year.The weather like everywhere is variable but if you like photography then again this is the time to get those stunning shots.back home to Kelpie to snuggle down for a romantic evening, oh so cosy.
 No extra cost for the crafting tuition you just pay for any materials you use.

                               Autumn has started with golden bracken and beautiful sunsets, the basking sharks and minky whales are still being seen off Neist point, Sea eagles seem to be taking the place of our resident golden eagles, not sure what is happening but certainly its the sea eagles that are flying above the cottage most days, the golden eagles haven't been successful in raising any chicks this year after  having 2 chicks in 2012. The roads are nice and quiet again and the scenery just stunning. You'll want to take a photo around every corner.  What can be nicer than walking all day to some of the most stunning places on Skye and coming back to a cosy beautiful cottage for a relaxing evening in Kelpie. Once you have stayed you will want to come back again and again. Luxury accommodation at affordable prices.

CRAFTING HOLIDAYS;  I now have over 30 different crafts selling in my craft shop, a wide variety of choice, I am offering crafting holidays throughout the winter in Kelpie cottage, You choose your craft and we will  decide together how much time you would like to spend , learning the craft, be it painting, knitting,  needle felting etc. there will be plenty of time to explore the island too, if you are interested please ring me on 01470511384,


   Beautiful long nights, summer has arrived and the long summer nights and beautiful sunsets are awsome. It doesn't get dark now till after 11pm and light again by 3am. Sun sets about 10.30pm and the colours are fantastic, only a 5 minute walk takes you to view the sun setting over the outer isles, The sea has warmed up enough to welcome our summer visitors back to our waters, blue mink whales, dolphins and basking sharks can be seen  around Neist Point Lighthouse, only 5 mins from Kelpie. The Red Roof Cafe are offering some amazing entertainment on a friday night, last week I was lucky enough to hear the Budapest Cafe Orchestra with a couple staying from London in Kelpie, and they said they hadn't heard better in London. A fantastic night. Please check their website.If you would like to eat out at the Three Chimneys Restaurant on your visit remember to book well ahead, and I will be taxi for your night out. My gardens are in full bloom now and are stunning again.nothing nicer than sitting by the pond in amongst the flowers with a glass of wine in hand.Magic!

August 2013; Autumn breaks;I offer crafting holidays throughout the autumn and winter months, if you would like to learn how to paint , learn to knit, or any of the 30 crafts that I sell in my shop then book in now, From Oct to March you can stay in Kelpie and still enjoy exploring the beautiful island and when you want to spend a couple of hours crafting then we will fit it in with your day.You only pay for the cottage plus any materials you use, I can supply everything you need in my well equipped work shop.You chose how much time you want to spend crafting.Give me a ring for more details. Autumn and winter months can be the best choice for your holiday if your looking for peace and quiet, the island is much quieter, the bird life is amazing, including seeing the resident golden eagles, sunsets and photography to die for,  so if you need a break have a look at my web site,  and wether you would like to have a try at something in the crafting world or just relax and enjoy your holiday, then Kelpie cottage won't let you down.

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