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We hope you have enjoyed browsing through the self catering accommodation featured on this site. Perhaps it has given you some ideas for your holidays?

We aim to improve this website continually and welcome any helpful comments or suggestions you may have.

Before sending us an email (and to save you time), please note:

We do not produce printed brochures - this is an online guide which is updated with new properties every week.

If you wish to make a booking enquiry - please be sure to contact the owner of the accommodation (whose details are given on their property details page), and they will be glad to help you - and they can answer your questions about availability etc. If you have difficulty contacting an owner due to incorrect, changed or unanswered email/phone numbers, please remember they might just be away on holiday for a few days and they will wish to answer you as soon as they can.

To email the Cottage Guide about other topics:

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If you are able to make a donation (every penny counts) to one of the current DEC appeals, please click the link to their website:

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