CLIFF COTTAGE, Isle of Harris
Other dates by request.
Last update 23.06.2019 GT

  AVAILABILITY  to 31.12.2019

  2019 - book early to avoid disappointment


CLIFF COTTAGE, Isle of Harris. Postcode HS3 3EX

23 Mar 19 410£                123 £
30 Mar 19 450£                135 £

13 Apr 19 450£                135 £    
20 Apr 19 450£                135 £
27 Apr 19 450£                135 £
04 May 19 450£                135 £
11 May 19    Booked
18 May 19    Booked
25 May 19    Booked
01 Jun 19    Booked
08 Jun 19    Booked
15 Jun 19    Booked
22 Jun 19    Booked
29 Jun 19    Booked
06 Jul 19    Booked
13 Jul 19    Booked
20 Jul 19    Booked
27 Jul 19    Booked
03 Aug 19    Booked
10 Aug 19    Booked
17 Aug 19    Booked
24 Aug 19 480£                144 £
31 Aug 19    Booked
07 Sep 19    Booked
14 Sep 19    Booked
21 Sep 19    Booked
28 Sep 19 480£               144 £
05 Oct 19 450£                135 £
12 Oct 19 450£                135 £
19 Oct 19 450£                135 £   
26 Oct 19 450£                135 £
02 Nov 19 410£                123 £
09 Nov 19    Booked
16 Nov 19    Booked
23 Nov 19    Booked
30 Nov 19    Booked
07 Dec 19 410£                123 £
14 Dec 19 410£                123 £   
21 Dec 19 440£                135 £
28 Dec 19 440£                135 £

Mrs Gail Tunnah South Harris Scotland
Tel.: 0044 (O)7795244997

Fax & Answerphone:  0044 (0)1859 530 397

e-mail: click on email button at top of page

4gB Broadband included in rental, more available by request.

From 1st of October to the 31 of March the electricity will be charged by reading meter. 1st Apr to 30th Sept electricity is included in the rental.

Dr. Abel 
per:- Mrs Gail Tunnah
6 Leac a Li
Isle of Harris
DETAILS OF PARTY: Please give full names of all members of the party and ages of any members under 18:



Country_____________  Postcode_________

Tel.No.:_______________Fax No.:_______________

Adress :____________________________________________


E  Enquiries
P  Provisional
B  Booked
Preferred Dates for your Holiday Dates Commencing Sat.____/____/_____Departing Sat.____/____/_____ estimated time of arrival:_______
Normal booking from Sat.4 p.m. to Sat.10 a.m. Other dates on request.

Cliff Cottage :     £ _________ (30% Deposit enc.) (Pets welcome)
general permit      £ _________
Stockinish          £ _________
Flodabay            £ _________
Broadband           £ _________

TOTAL ENCLOSED :    £ =========
Payment enclosed

Initial Payment(30% of total charge or full Payment if booking is within 6 weeks).  I wish to pay by cheque / BACS to Bank of Scotland,Tarbert,Branch Code 8 80-09-83, account No 00103725. BIC BOFSGB21013, IBAN GB74BOFS80098300103725  Cheques to be made payable to Dr. ABEL Cliff Cottage Holidays.
Declaration: I confirm that my booking is for holiday purposes only.

Signature ____________________DATE___/___/_____

Complete Booking Details will be send to you.

  Finsbay Fishing permits available from 31.Oct.2011 per rod per week.Fly only!  Cat 3 fishery C&R for salmon.
  Finsbay  general permit 01.Jun.
(Stockinish and Flodabay included) 
  Finsbay  general permit 31 Oct.
(Stockinish and Flodabay included) 

  Stockinish alone 31.Oct 
  Flodabay  alone 31.Oct 
  No Permits necessary for Children under 15 years.
  Wild brown trout permit for all Lochs mid of March to end of May

2012 F I S H   O F   T H E    S E A S O N   
2014 F I S H R E P O R T
65 Sea Trout have been been caught and over 250  These are all wild brown trout not stocked.3 Salmon. Trout and Salmon Fish of the Month for a 10lb Trout caught in Huamabhat 2014.

2015 F I S H R E P O R T

46 Sea Trout have been been caught and over 371 brown trout.1 Salmon. These are all wild brown trout not stocked.

2016 F I S H R E P O R T
62 Sea Trout have been been caught one with 12 lb and over 406 Brown Trout. 1 Salmon. These are all wild brown trout not stocked. Some of the lochs are seldom fished.

2017 F I S H R E P O R T
2 salmon, 57 Sea Trout and over 270 Brown Trout have been caught. These are all wild brown trout not stocked. Some of the lochs are seldom fished.

  Home page: finsbaycottages or  fishhebrides

  The FINSBAY FISHING consists of:

   System I:
Huamavat System. Sea pool with Loch Holmasaig and Loch Dempster fishing from bank or with one boat on each loch. Loch Huamavat with three boats, the most successful loch, which is truly a marvellous place to fish for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. All lochs with good access from the road. There are many hill lochs with sea trout, occasional salmon and small brownies.  All lochs have size able ferrox. The biggest hill loch, Loch Rogavat (one boat) is about 40 minutes walk. After 90 minutes walk you can reach the highest very seldom fished hill loch with very red brownies.

System II: Abahain na Cyste System.Unique Sea Pool beside the road with one boat. Successful for salmon and very good for sea trout, when the tide comes in. Loch Meurach one and two (two with one boat) and Loch Clachain are about 20 minutes walk. After 40 minutes walk you will pass many hill lochs with the possibility to catch sea trout, salmon and many brownies.

System I: In Loch Flodabay are occasionally sea trout and brownies. Loch Tarbert and Dornail contain brown trout up to 4 lb and can be reached after 5 minutes walk from the road. In Loch Creig na Briste (25 minutes) are small brownies and occasionally salmon. There are amazing hill lochs about 30 minutes walk with brownies up to 2 lb. Loch na Chor holds salmon and sea trout.
System II: After 10 minutes walk you will pass Loch Clachain and 10 minutes later you will reach Loch Manish with brownies, sea trout and occasionally salmon.
System I : Loch Saile is a tidal pool beside the road with one boat. Small and big Loch Creavat are approx. 15 minutes walk (big Loch Creavat has one boat). All lochs contain brownies and occasionally salmon and sea trout.
System II: Most lochs are beside the road or are a maximum 15 minutes walk. Loch Glumra beag has one boat. All loch contain brownies, Salmon and sea trout occasionally.
Seafishing can arranged with prior notice.

Fishing and fishing permits
Local enquiries : Mr. MacKinnon Tel.: 0044(0)1859 530318 or via fishhebrides


International enquiries :e-mail

   New Time tables Caledonian MacBrayne.  

Booking Tel.:0044(0)8705 650000 between 0830 and 1700

Contact Uig: 01470 542219, Harris 01859 502444. Also check their web site calmac for latest timetables which may be liable to change.
Children under 5 free.

  N E W  F A R E  P R I C E S

NB  Fishing and Cottage rental prices are correct at time of publication, however we reserve the right to amend or change the prices. We also reserve the right to move boats around the system, therefore if you want to fish a certain loch with a boat please advise at the time of booking.

The journey with car takes appr. from Inverness to Ullapool 70 min. From Inverness to Uig 180 min. The Ferry from Uig (Idrigil fo NAV.)to Tarbert is cheaper and you can reach our Lodge or Cottage in 20 minutes, whereas it is approx. an hour from Stornoway

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:Atlantic marine service

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