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Why should you book a stay at The Orchards?  Read what some of our customers say:-

  Better than our wildest dreams!  Best of all was the warm welcome from Vic and Vanessa - it felt like staying with good friends. (Germany)
  I can't believe the second time here was even better than the first time.  I thought it was impossible!
  When we look at the views, we fully understand the inspiration for ..."all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small" ...  (New Zealand)
  It’s like stepping off the planet for a few days…
  When I first came here I thought there was going to be nothing to do but I was wrong, there was lots of things to do.  I wish I could come again and again.  (age 9)
  Totally relaxing, views that bring peace and joy.
  The cleanest cottage we have been in – the sheets smelled lovely! (Holland)
  The children especially liked seeing all the babies who chose to arrive during the week.
  When we arrived we stared wide-eyed;  the cottage and view were too good to be true.
  I didn't think my son would survive without his Playstation but there has been so much to see and do.
  As ever, generous hosts and friends - our visits mean more than we can say …
  We felt quite privileged to have found it ...
  Needing peace - and The Orchards is surely the place to find it!  We love this place.
  Beats any holiday abroad.
  As soon as I walked in through the front door I felt at home.  It is everything I hoped for, and more.
  It has been a difficult year for us - there was one thing after another - but a stay at The Orchards proved to be the perfect antidote!
  The most relaxing few days in memory.
  We don't know why we keep coming here, it's so painful leaving to return to noisy Suburbia.
  The cleanest house we have ever had in all those years of visiting houses in many countries.
  We have been coming here to the "Orchards" for twelve years, we fall in love with Rushley every time.
  We will miss the fabulous views from the kitchen - it made washing up a pleasure.
  Like everybody else, we can only praise the pretty and ever so comfortable cottage with the lovely views.  We could not find any faults (not that we were looking).
  The valley from Rushley to Throwley is still the best part of Derbyshire as far as I am concerned.
  Great place, great view, great weather - great time!
  We have lost count of the times we have stayed here and enjoy it more every time.
  The cottage itself exceeded all expectation - in comfort, warmth, equipment and views. 
  The welcome here was wonderful and - as most people who have written in this book so far - we would like to thank Vanessa and Vic for making us feel part of what was going on.
  This must be one of the most relaxing, comfortable and beautiful places that we have ever stayed at.
  Wonderful - a special home from home.
  Weather was superb, "Orchards" beautiful and spotlessly clean - as always.
  There are very few places like this where I am from.  The Unites States just cannot compare.
  The holiday was made extra special thanks to Vic and Vanessa's friendly welcome and for allowing us to be a part of a working farm.
  Crazy how dark it goes without street lights, but nice too.
  Will recommend this cottage as the best home from home I have ever stayed in.
  The cottage is wonderfully situated – every window offers a splendid view.
  Many thanks to the wonderful landlady who dropped us off at the pub for my birthday.
  Thank you for your help beforehand via the internet, we felt welcome before we set off from home. (Germany)
  Thanks to Vanessa for taking care of all those tiny details that help to make a holiday so special.
  It is so peaceful here, just the place to unwind.
  Thank you for the unexpected goodies to help sustain us for the first few hours!
  We have lost count of the times we have stayed here, it is coming into double figures and every time is perfect.
  Our favourite room is the dining room.  Watching the sheep whilst eating breakfast is far more enjoyable than watching the TV.
  We would unhesitatingly recommend The Orchards to any group of discerning people.
  If only we had a real fire at home, I never knew chopping logs was so enjoyable.
  This stay was too short. In fact we could happily move in tomorrow.
  Best views and local walking we have had in the UK.
Don't want to go home!
  We have had one of the nicest walking holidays ever - lovely cottage, lovely people and beautiful weather.
  This is our first visit but we can see why some families keep returning - we have already decided to return next May.
  A lovely bungalow and farm set in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales that really has the "WOW" factor.
  Still the best cottage we visit - love the "Vanessa" touches!
  The boys said their beds were lovely and snuggly and Alice would especially like to thank you for her pink towels.
  We’ve been in many holiday homes but none as nice as this one. A real home from home.
  We've been here many times - it is like coming home.
  Peace, tranquillity, the grandeur of the hills, the spectacular and breathtaking views - all this we have enjoyed during this past week.  Coupled with the warmth, cleanliness (which we so appreciate) of the cottage, and the kindness and friendly welcome from our hosts, has made our stay one of absolute joy and bliss.  Thank you.
  Happy days are here again plus the family's ever-welcoming smiles.  I've never met a more caring family.
  The only thing we were short of was time.
  Everything that can give one the best of holidays is simply here.

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