MAY DAY MADNESS - We are giving a massive 20% Discount on breaks taken between Saturday 30th April and Tuesday 17th May.  May is the most beautiful month of the year in the Peak District - don't miss out, email us right now.

Why should you book a stay at The Orchards?  Read what some of our customers say:-

  Better than our wildest dreams!  Best of all was the warm welcome from Vic and Vanessa - it felt like staying with good friends. (Germany)
  Thank you for a wonderful holiday, it was our dream holiday. My granny loved every second.  She had a cry before we left as she said it was magical bless her.  We'll be coming back very soon!
  When we look at the views, we fully understand the inspiration for ..."all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small" ...  (New Zealand)
  I can't believe the second time here was even better than the first time.  I thought it was impossible!
  It’s like stepping off the planet for a few days…
  When I first came here I thought there was going to be nothing to do but I was wrong, there was lots of things to do.  I wish I could come again and again.  (age 9)
  Totally relaxing, views that bring peace and joy.
  The cleanest cottage we have been in – the sheets smelled lovely! (Holland)
  The children especially liked seeing all the babies who chose to arrive during the week.
  When we arrived we stared wide-eyed;  the cottage and view were too good to be true.
  I didn't think my son would survive without his Playstation but there has been so much to see and do.
  As ever, generous hosts and friends - our visits mean more than we can say …
  We felt quite privileged to have found it ...
  Needing peace - and The Orchards is surely the place to find it!  We love this place.
  Beats any holiday abroad.
  As soon as I walked in through the front door I felt at home.  It is everything I hoped for, and more.
  It has been a difficult year for us - there was one thing after another - but a stay at The Orchards proved to be the perfect antidote!
  We don't know why we keep coming here, it makes it so difficult to return to suburbia.

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