HOLLY LODGE welcomed more guests in 2013, with several returning from past years. We're looking forward to meeting you in 2014, and several bookings already - better hurry! Our change to renting out the lodge from FRIDAYS to FRIDAYS instead of Saturdays, has been a great success, with many guests saying they preferred the extra time at each end of their holidays.

      TARIFF for 2013:
      Aug 23th ~ Oct 18th     £360
      Oct 18th ~ Dec 13th     £320

      TARIFF for 2014:
      Jan 3rd ~ March 14th    £335
      March 14th ~ May 2nd    £370
      May 2nd ~ Aug 29th      £425
      Aug 29th ~ Oct 31st     £380
      Oct 31st ~ Dec 12th     £355

HOLLY LODGE may cause problems for people with mobility difficulties, due to the tight turn on the staircase.
We would be happy to discuss any particular requirements.
          Allergy sufferers are very welcome, as we maintain a strict NO PETS rule!

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